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These are our pillars

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow closer to God and encourage others to do the same. 

These are our pillars

Our Values

HTC is a Christ-centered community, we are a safe place where people of all backgrounds and beliefs can gather to discuss Jesus and explore life.

Pillars of HTC


We believe that music is fundamental to the expression of our love for God and that creativity is God given. 

We are passionate for the intimacy, joy and inspiration that worshipful music and art can facilitate.

Our desire is to see hearts changed in the presence of God during worship. Additionally, we know that music can communicate the grace of God and His heart for us and unite churches, drawing believers together and closer to God.

Pillars of HTC


Welcome and warmth are key to our culture of authenticity and hospitality.

Both create a community where every member and every visitor knows and feels they are important. We rely on the participation of the whole church to intentionally engage with one another.

Our community lives out what it means to be the family of God by building positive relationships, supporting each other through life’s challenges and encouraging one another to grow closer to Christ.

Pillars of HTC


Our vision is to live generously as a community, giving away all that God has given to us.

We aim to cultivate a culture of generosity, where every member willingly and sincerely shares with others. We want to be a group committed to giving — to each other, to the work of HTC as our home church, and also to the work of other ministries and churches that we choose to partner with.

Our aim is to give every blessing we have received (resources, teaching content, talent, media, finance, etc.) freely and generously, as it has been given to us by the Lord.

Pillars of HTC


Our vision is to communicate the truth of God’s love, drawing people into the full life that Christ offers.  

We aim to keep the gospel at the core of HTC. We believe evangelism works best when it flows from an authentic love for people, and we believe true love begins at the cross.

Therefore, we are committed to framing the gospel in a current and engaging way for all generations — with special emphasis on young people. We are a church focused on reaching the un-churched and the de-churched.

As our community grows, we plan to plant new churches to expand our reach.

Pillars of HTC


Our vision is that every member of HTC will grow in their understanding of what it means to seek and receive from the Lord in prayer.

We aim to remain devoted to God in prayer, seeking Him for his will for HTC. We will continually pray for a profound sense of his grace and presence in the life of HTC. We expect God to bring healing and transformation to body, mind and spirit. We also believe that through prayer we will see the transformation of our community, country and beyond.

Our vision is that every facet of the church should be founded securely in prayer.

Pillars of HTC


Our vision is to inspire a hunger for and engagement with the Bible and ultimately with Jesus, the Truth.

We aim to continually draw people to the Bible. We believe the scriptures are an inspired and indispensable gift from God which enable us to know the Lord and his voice. We believe that when God reveals truth to us through the Bible, we are transformed.

Biblical values are at our core — we read scripture together in the light of God’s grace, using exposition, humor and pertinent stories to illustrate how supremely relevant and applicable the Word of God is today.

Pillars of HTC

Community Outreach

Our vision is to love and bless those in need –  people near HTC, people in the DC metro area, and people in the rest of the world.

At HTC, we aim to be a blessing to those in need, especially the poor and the destitute. We want to share the gospel with more than words, and we believe meeting the needs of others is an important part of our mission to demonstrate God’s love to everyone we encounter.

We want to be countercultural, engaging with the marginalized and ostracized. We believe we grow closer to Jesus when we serve the hurting and the hopeless.

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