Made in His Image

“To grow closer to the Lord and encourage others to do the same.”

As denoted in our HTC mission, we believe HTC will be a Hub, Haven and Home of God’s Kingdom impacting many people. Our vision is to enable every one of us to grow closer to God, no matter what our background, race or experience. Therefore, we want to see greater racial unity, where every “tribe, tongue, and nation” worship the Lord together. Our mission is to equip our HTC community to be a hub for racial unity, a safe place for all and a home for everyone where there is respect, empathy and sensitivity.

Upcoming Gatherings

The Racial Unity committee at HTC will be reading Daniel Hill’s book White Awake this summer, and meeting twice to discuss. The first meeting will be led by Erin Clifford on July 14th, 7-8:30 pm at the home of Guy and Susan Speers. (There will be a second meeting on August 18 to discuss the rest of the book and to plan next steps for the Fall.)

Daniel Hill has spent decades working and investing in the city of Chicago. As a part of his work as the founding pastor of River City Community Church, Hill has been engaging in reconciliation efforts in the city as well as contributing to the broader conversation concerning race and injustice.

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