HTC Music aims to tell the stories of our community with sound and song.

Our church’s heart has always been to encourage and nurture authentic relationships with God and one another, and we’ve discovered that music is a powerful way for us to make those connections. Our original material, in many ways, is a reflection of the journeys that members of our congregation have been on in years past. In it, we hear the echoes of questions asked, sermons preached, conversations shared, and prayers offered – all the experiences which have shaped the lives we share with one another. We hope that as you listen, these songs become a part of your own journey, and create an experience which draws you closer to the heart of God.

Everything We Have is Yours

Recorded in basements, living rooms, kitchens, and offices around Northern Virginia, Everything We Have is HTC Music‘s debut album. It began as a 4 song EP, and slowly evolved as we recorded 7 singles over the course of 2016. We prayerfully considered which songs to pursue and include, and the result is a musically diverse album with a singular heart of worship. Jono Davies from Louder Than the Music gave Everything We Have high marks, saying the songs were “exciting and heartfelt” and that “they feel fresh lyrically and melodically.” He goes on to say: “I got lost in worship from the start – a really wonderful album.”

I Will Follow

Every Sunday morning, we invite the kids at HTC to run up to the stage and sing a song with us (complete with actions). It’s become one of our favorite moments of the service. When we realized we needed more songs for them to sing, our pastor Jamie suggested we try our hand at writing some original music. This album is the result – it features songs that have come out of our community, and songs that our community has adopted as its own. We’ve arranged and recorded them in a style that’s accessible for the whole family, which is why we call it “Family Worship”, and our prayer is that your family is led to do just that as you celebrate along with us.