2018 Campaign

Heart for the Home


HTC has enjoyed worshipping in this beautiful church facility for over 5 years now.

Every area of ministry is thriving and growing and we are seeing the 7 Pillars (worship, family, generosity, evangelism, prayer, teaching, and community outreach) explode into life.

As our ministries grow we need to outfit and rework our spaces to accommodate each individual ministries’ needs.

We are so grateful to be able to share and celebrate the vision of HTC as we continue to invest in the future together.

We hope that HTC will be a warm and welcoming church and that as we grow closer to The Lord and encourage others to do the same they will find a safe and inviting space within the HTC building.


In this video, Rev. Jamie Haith and Vestry member Glenn Youngkin talk through the Heart for the Home fundraiser we are currently running. We are excited to see how God will use this building for reaching out to the local community. Watch this video for more information!

The HTC property has the potential to be a haven, a hub and a home to many people in our community.

Our heart is to see people of all ages and backgrounds welcomed into our space and by extension welcomed into God’s church.



We now have the amazing privilege of a large, centrally located building in which to grow as the HTC family.

Work has begun, but we need the whole church family to play their part at this exciting time. We are excited to weave the vision of the church into the fabric of our building in four key areas:



Our gatherings, children’s groups (TK), courses and services are expanding and we need larger meeting spaces.

The Upper Hall is the perfect size venue for this but requires renovation to accommodate our needs.

To make this room feel like home, and to be useful, it needs acoustic treatments, basic audiovisual and lighting upgrades and general refurbishments.

We hope that alpha courses, marriage courses, weddings, middle and high groups, and many family celebrations will happen in a fresh and inviting space.


CAFE 10:10

Our vision is to build a church cafe space that can be used midweek as well as on Sundays.

Our hope is that we will have a cafe space that gathers people from the broader community together.

We envision a space where everyone can come to work, have meetings and catch up with friends during the week.

People will enjoy gathering over hot drinks and snacks in a warm space served by a friendly team.

This dream is expansive and includes indoor and outdoor play areas for children, shared workspaces, and conference rooms with robust wifi.



Phase one has been realized and we already have professional counselors housed in the building working in partnership with HTC.

The vision is to supplement their ministry with appropriate courses focusing on realities such as anger management, recovery from addiction, grief and loss, divorce and separation.

This requires the refurbishment of additional rooms that will house small groups and will eventually involve the upper hall.

We are also looking to create comfy spaces and rooms around the building for pastoral prayer and individual prayer sessions. We want care to abound in our HTC home.



Worship at HTC is expanding and growing, and we want the gifts we have to spread and bless many more people.

We have begun the work to build a studio downstairs in the foundations of the building.

Here our worship leaders, songwriters, and other technical artists can easily worship, create and record music that glorifies the Lord and draws people in to celebrate His goodness.

Our vision is to cultivate an expressive culture of true worship with a deep reverence for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that we were created to worship. We love to come into God’s presence and enjoy Him for everything that He is, and we want to share that joy with others.